Microsoft improves, and a lot, the Clipchamp video editor in Windows 11

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One of Microsoft’s big needs for its operating system is the inclusion of a video editor that is, at the very least, useful. At the moment this is not happening and since the elimination of Movie Maker the truth is that Windows has suffered from not having good quality software of this type. The arrival of Windows 11 did not mean a correction of what we indicated… but the inclusion in one of its trial versions of the application by default and for free in this version of the operating system has was recently announced. And, therefore, an answer has been given to the big question that many have asked about the purchase of this development by Microsoft. But, and it seems that in technology there is always one, all that glittered was not gold. Some problems were detected in the implementation and they were not exactly operational. The big flaw is that at the time, the application in question which was already part of Windows 11 did not allow you to save your work at an adequate resolution. In fact, it was a real mess because the one allowed was only 480p. Come on, something that might have been worth four years ago, but nowadays it’s completely pointless to be as you see it. But luckily that has changed. Important improvement in Windows 11 As confirmed by the testers, it is now possible to save a creation with a much higher resolution and, therefore, things change. Thus, it continues to offer a maximum of 1080p, which is why we are talking about Full HD. Obviously, this is not the maximum that can currently be consumed in homes (that would be 4K), but the improvement is so significant that it is possible to say that Clipchamp for Windows 11 is now worth it. .and it must be remembered that it does not replace the poor video editor that has the default operating system. That yes, at the moment another of the things that is not particularly positive in the development that we are talking about, such as the inclusion of a watermark if some of the video or audio resources offered by Clipchamp are used. In any case, as the integration is still in the testing phase, it is something that can vary and, ultimately, it will not happen with a number of options that can be integrated into the resulting videos. Now yes: a good step from Microsoft With the changes that have taken place and those that could come in the future, something that is not at all excluded, it seems that the Redmond firm has definitely taken the step of offering a good free video editor. on your operating system. And, that’s something it lacked to compete with Apple’s macOS and caused many to opt for the latter when evaluating a computer upgrade. It is true that there is still a long way to go, but at least they are beginning to materialize. >

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