Moovly review: easy to use video editor for business

From traditional 1960s television to today’s YouTube, Vimeo, Snapchat and even Facebook, it’s no secret that video has become an essential part of our daily lives. Currently, there are a total of 1.8 billion monthly active YouTube users, and 300 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute. This clearly indicates that video has become a powerful medium for content. Today, users are more likely to watch a video rather than reading a long piece of content.

Video makers create videos using various types of offline or online video editing software. But knowing which will be the best solution for you is a difficult task, as every solution provider in the market claims that their software is the best. Today in this article we are going to talk about Moovly, one of the best online video maker solutions available in the market.

Moovly summary

Founded in 2012, Moovly is a versatile web video editor for businesses, professionals, and SMBs. Moovly is an online application for creating innovative marketing or promotional videos. To create your next video, you can use several features like editing tools, free graphics, sound, collaborative sharing features and of course you don’t have to download anything.

Most offline solutions require technical expertise, but in Moovly you don’t have to be an expert to make an awesome video. Simply upload your own images, voices, sounds, texts, videos and merge them with media objects from millions of royalty-free image libraries. You can start creating your videos from scratch and you can use beautiful, fully customizable video templates for your projects.

What impressed us the most What can be improved
1. It is an easy platform to create personalized marketing videos for your business.
2. Simple and easy to use interface with a low learning curve
3. A large number of graphics, images and videos are available in the library
4. Works on your web browser without any problem
5. The idea of ​​creating an online animated video is good
1. The models available are very few and very short.
2. A limited library of free sounds
3. I feel like it’s easy to get lost in the multiple layers of the timeline

Moovly: What’s in it?

Web Solutions

Moovly is a web-based video creation solution that does not require any software installation on your computer. For new visitors, Moovly presents an introductory video on how to use the solution. It is a secure virtual platform that can be used to make a personalized corporate video; this includes the integration of brand libraries. You can select custom colors, templates, font style, font colors, and more.

When you create a project, a new window opens with the Moovly video editor. In this video editor, you will see several key sections, such as toolbar, library, properties, canvas, and timeline.

Moovly offers a robust free version and pro business subscriptions for those who want advanced features. As a content writer, I don’t have a lot of knowledge in video creation and editing. After logging in and going through the solution, I could see that anyone can create videos quickly.

Some of the features of Moovly include:

  • Animations and transition effects
  • Collaboration and workflow management
  • Use over a million free stock assets
  • Managing groups and users
  • Advanced features such as screen and webcam recording, closed captions, color suppression, text-to-speech
  • Unlimited personal media downloads
  • Direct video posting to YouTube, Vimeo and more
  • Use your own fonts and colors
  • Download your videos in HD quality

Predefined templates

Moovly offers templates in a variety of subjects and styles. There may be more templates as most of the users prefer a predefined template and customize it as per their requirement. The best part is that all the available templates are segmented into categories which help us choose a video template as per our requirement.

Once in the template library, you can click on the Use the template to use it. Clicking on it will take you to the edit page where you can edit the video with your images, text and sound.

In Moovly Studio, you will see the model in the canvas, with all the elements such as libraries, graphics and the option to upload your image. The important part of it, you can see the video review in the middle area.

One area where I’m a little disappointed is the length of the video – some videos are as short as 17 seconds. This could be a smart move on the part of the company wanting users to create their own video rather than relying entirely on templates that could duplicate videos for thousands of users.

Free photos and videos

The Moovly app has a perfect size of free assets and a library. You can access over a million graphics, animations, infographics, free stock photos from iStock by Getty Images, or free storybook photos. To use this media, the resources go to this section and add it to your video. Another cool feature that I like the most is adding custom images from the desktop – this is where you can add your own photos by uploading an image from your computer.

Easy to use dashboard

Moovly’s dashboard and interface are easy to use. It has a simple and basic projects screen where you can see tabs like Shared with me, My gallery, My projects, Archived, and Templates. In the properties tab, there are several tools for video editing. Access scene properties which allow a user to change the background, default mode, be it presentation or video, aspect ratio or more.

Not only that, but you will also get advanced features like text properties, exchange object properties, object properties, scene properties and much more. Once you are done with your video creation, you can export the video to YouTube, Vimeo or Moovly Gallery and enjoy the video.


Moovly is compatible with Onedrive, Google Drive and Dropbox to upload your video files. The company provides email and chat support, as well as a YouTube channel called “Moovly Academy,” where you can learn video making tips.


Moovly offers four pricing options for videographers. The free plan includes a maximum video length of 2 minutes and an option to post to YouTube, Vimeo, and Moovly Gallery. The company offers three paid plans – Pro, Max, and Enterprise. The Pro version costs $ 49 / month and the Max plan starts at $ 99 / month with a nearly 50% discount when you choose the annual plan.

Final remark

Video editors prefer easy-to-use video editing software with advanced features, great templates, affordable prices, and support – Moovly has it all. It offers a significant number of features at a free level compared to its competitors. Here, Moovly is simply generous. The video maker solution is supported in languages ​​such as English, Czech, Dutch, Finnish, Danish, Irish, Italian, Russian, Spanish, etc. Try here.

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