North Carolina newlyweds say Tyson & Lenox Media videographer Charles Morgan never uploaded their wedding videos

RALEIGH, NC (WTVD) – Four North Carolina newlyweds said they paid hefty prices for a wedding videographer – but months and even years after their contractual deadlines they still hadn’t seen any videos highlighting their special days.

The brides told ABC11’s Tow Truck Diane Wilson that Tyson & Lenox Media videographer Charles Morgan left them in the dark.

“I want the memories of that day,” Dana Lemon told Wilson.

Lemon said two years ago she hired Morgan to photograph her destination wedding in Jamaica.

“We decided to do an exchange, paying for him and his assistant to come to Jamaica – the flights, the stay and everything in exchange for the videos,” she said.

She signed a contract with Tyson & Lenox Media, which promised to deliver her full wedding video no more than 70 days after tying the knot.

“He never produced the teaser video that we were supposed to have in a week, and we never got the flagship five-minute movie,” she said.

Breanna Mobley, married in February 2021, also expressed her frustration with Morgan.

It was due to receive a trailer within a week of the ceremony, but it was not delivered on time. Once Morgan sent it, Mobley said she wasn’t happy.

“The trailer just shows me, my husband, my dad and my flower girl. It doesn’t show anyone else,” she said.

Her contract with Tyson & Lenox Media said the full wedding video would be available 45 days after “I do,” but after an eight-month wait, Mobley said she couldn’t get in touch with Morgan.

“I tried emailing her. The email was undeliverable,” she said.

Likewise, Charlotte’s bride, Elise Avery, hired Morgan for her wedding in March and paid $ 3,000 for her services.

She first said she had no worries.

“He was very responsive. I joked that he responded to my emails at lightning speed,” Avery said.

She expected a 60-second teaser video within 24 hours of the wedding, but received it much later.

Avery said she couldn’t wait to watch the full cut, but the videographer continued to push back the delivery date.

“[He said], ‘It will be delivered on that date.’ This date has arrived and we are not receiving anything, ”she said.

Kala Nwachukwu, a bride from Durham, said she and his wife paid Morgan to film their destination wedding in Cancun, along with flight costs and three days of accommodation.

The couple enjoyed Morgan’s teaser video of their special day, but, like Avery, said Morgan was shady when answering questions about the finished product’s shipping schedule.

“[He said], ‘You will have your video before this deadline.’ Of course, the deadline is coming and we have nothing, ”Nwachukwu said.

ABC11’s troubleshooter Diane Wilson contacted Morgan, who said in an email that weddings postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic along with normal bookings left her on hold.

He told Wilson he was feeling overwhelmed and admitted he hadn’t communicated this to his clients. He said he had no bad intentions.

Morgan added that the videos of the four brides have been sent to an editor for completion.

So far, Nwachukwu and Avery have said they have received their full wedding videos, and Morgan has said he will send those of Lemon and Mobley as soon as possible.

Lemon told Wilson that she hopes he will go all the way, as her second wedding anniversary is only a week away.

“These are the memories you want, the memories you expected to have from those days,” she said.

Whenever you hire someone for their services, including a videographer, be sure to sign a contract that includes an exact date for the delivery of the final product.

Since Morgan missed her contractual deadlines, some of the brides said they intended to file a lawsuit in small claims court.

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