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Madi Trimble is good at making videos to energize a team and spark player interest.

But there was a time when she thought about leaving trending videos behind.

Trimble, a junior from North Carolina State University, works for Pack Athletics and the Mooresville Spinners baseball team.

Her video journey began at Bandys High School, where Trimble English teacher Leslie McIntosh asked her to join the yearbook team. Trimble said she was hesitant, but joined because of McIntosh’s support.

Trimble soon found itself manufacturing “hype videos” for Friday night football team games. Trimble, along with Caleb Muckler and Noah Estes, made up the Bandys Film team. Together they made a basketball video, a spring sports video and a senior graduation video for the class of 2019.

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Trimble enjoyed working alongside her peers to create videos that fellow Bandys students could enjoy, but she also felt the weight of others’ opinions. She said she actually wanted to quit making videos after her senior year.

It wasn’t until Elec Yount, a Bandys High School alumnus and Catawba Valley Community College baseball player, asked her to come in for a hype video for the teamwhich she picked up where she left off.

Trimble then studied business administration, graphic communications and marketing at North Carolina State University. She joined NCSU Athletics as a member of the creative video team.

Trimble’s goal at NC State is female gymnastics currently. She has also produced videos for the women’s soccer, women’s basketball and women’s volleyball teams.

This summer, Trimble is working for the Mooresville Spinners college league baseball team in the town of Mooresville, Iredell County. Her role as Director of Creative Social Media allows her to handle everything from videography to creating graphics for social media to creating TikTok videos with the team.

Trimble has shared the secret to making its trending videos, like this one by Tuesday Night Spinners Playoff Game. As a videographer, Trimble knows the importance of the musical element and what it can add to a video.

Trimble said she has a playlist of songs to choose from. The way she chooses a song is by sitting in her car with the air conditioning completely off. She said the song she chooses is the first song she hears that gives her chills.

Trimble said his advice to anyone looking to pursue creative videos or social media is that connections are everything. She said having a single connection can bring new opportunities that will boost your career.

When asked about her future goals, Trimble said she would like to work for the minor league baseball team the Charlotte Knights or the NBA team the Charlotte Hornets.

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