SAN FRANCISCO, August 11, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Kapwing, a popular online video editing and content creation platform, today announced the launch of Kapwing for education. The EDU program makes subscription to Kapwing’s premium software free for students and teachers around the world. Educators in K-12 schools and universities and students over the age of 13 in K-12 schools can apply through the form on the Kapwing website. District leaders can also apply for bulk licenses.

Through this initiative, Kapwing aims to empower the next generation of video creators by making creative tools more accessible in schools.

initiative, Catherine Mayer – the product manager for Kapwing for education – said: “Serving students and teachers has been one of the northern stars of my job at Kapwing. Before joining the team, I worked as an English teacher for two years at a high school just in outside of Madrid in Spain, where I learned firsthand how powerful digital learning tools are for teachers and students. I’m excited to see how the education community is harnessing the power of video creation to learn with Kapwing!”

Integrated into the browser, Kapwing works on all types of devices, including Chromebooks, the most popular K12 device on the market. UNITED STATES. More than 1,200 students register with Kapwing daily. With Kapwing, teachers and students can record presentations, make group video projects, make collages, design worksheets, cut YouTube videos, and create all types of multimedia projects. Kapwing allows creators to edit videos together in real time and offers various AI-powered tools that simplify editing, such as an automatic captioning tool. To help teachers get started, Kapwing has a library of learning resources and models and a popular Youtube channel.

Since its launch in 2018, Kapwing has played an important role in enabling students to create videos. Kapwing was named one of best websites for Teaching and Learning in 2018 by the American Association of School Librarians (AASL). At the start of the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020, Kapwing offered their premium software for free for students and teachers.

“We were inspired by the ingenuity of teachers at the start of the pandemic,” says Julia Enthovenco-founder and CEO of Kapwing, “Many of them have embarked on creating video learning materials without video editing experience to ensure that their students can continue learning from home despite many obstacles.”

Since then, Kapwing has increased its investments in the EDU sector, partnership with Google’s Chromebooks team to offer a discount to Chromebook users and launch a native app for Android and Chromebook devices.

About KapwingKapwing is a San FranciscoNew York-based startup with a mission to empower digital storytellers. Launched in 2019, Kapwing’s website enables creators to create and collaborate on video, audio, image and GIF content on any device and features AI-powered tools, built-in stock assets, models, etc Teams can also use the software to edit together in real time and collaborate on video. More than 10 million users around the world create content on Kapwing’s platform.

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