People are divided over the future of Microsoft’s new Clipchamp video editor

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Last week, Microsoft acquired video editing service Clipchamp. When the acquisition was announced, people started to speculate on how Microsoft will use the Clipchamp brand. Will it deploy Clipchamp in other services like Microsoft 365? Will the tech giant clone Clipchamp while creating its own video editor? Is Clipchamp technology on its way to the Xbox app for editing game clips? We can’t say which direction Microsoft will go, but we ran a poll over the weekend to see what people are predicting.

The first three options in our survey divide our readers. No option obtained more than 40% of the votes. Just under 38% of voters predicted that Microsoft will integrate Clipchamp technology into other services while keeping it as a standalone service.

Nearly 31% of respondents predicted that Microsoft would clone Clipchamp to create its own video editing application. This route is similar to what Microsoft did with Wunderlist, which has been replaced by Microsoft To Do.

“I think Microsoft will definitely integrate the Clipchamp technology into their cloud offerings (short video editing in Teams as you suggested) and also offer it as a PWA in the Microsoft Store for desktop users,” said Tunde Fajimi in our comments section.

More than a quarter of readers who voted predicted that Microsoft will integrate Clipchamp technology into other Microsoft services, but Clipchamp will end as a standalone service.

A comment from aFloppinPhish had a less optimistic view of Clipchamp’s future: “Do it for a while then forget about it until it’s over. [becomes] unnecessary or unusable. Then we recommend using a competitor. I laugh.”

Only 5.69% of people who voted think Microsoft will only run Clipchamp as a standalone product.

HeyCori suggested Microsoft rename Clipchamp. Rodneyej suggested Snip Clip as a new name.

Our Clipchamp review will go live later this week, so keep an eye on Windows Central if you want to learn more about the app that’s causing all the talk.

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