Photographer, videographer and musician Alexandrea Cordell captures the joy and love of black families

Photographer, videographer and musician Alexandrea Cordell arrived in Madison from Virginia to attend the University of Wisconsin-Madison, where she graduated in 2020. She is currently a member of the Mt. Zion Baptist Church on the south side of Madison, where she is director of communications. . She also explored her passions and captured eternal moments through photography.

“When I got here in Madison, that’s when I started to get more interested in photography,” Cordell told Madison365. “It really started with the camera I used for my YouTube videos, with what you would consider a nice camera. Because of that, I always took pictures at family events, family reunions and things like that. And then my parents, you know, talking to other people, like ‘Alex, can take your pictures for you.’ And it started from there, especially the family sessions. I like being able to capture those moments.

Cordell enjoys talking about the plethora of interests she has in music, photography and videography. She finds balance by not working on everything at the same time. She focuses on different outlets and is good at multitasking her skills. She will focus on photography, music and her YouTube channel, which was the first platform she started with.

“Technically, I started my YouTube channel when I was in high school. I saw a lot of beauty gurus, I feel like it was very popular back then. And I wanted to be one of those people… I was trying to put together outfits, hairstyles and makeup, but I quit by the time I went to college, ”Cordell recalls. “Around my second year of college, I wanted to get back to YouTube. But I wanted to change what my content was. I wasn’t really focused on beauty and clothes and all that.

Cordell’s interest in content had shifted to focus on personal and spiritual growth. Its current content revolves around scriptures from the Bible or self-help books. She uses her content to disseminate knowledge and she describes the change in her content as the shift from outer beauty to inner beauty.

“I have sung in church my whole life,” Cordell said. “But it wasn’t until recently that I started recording. I met my boyfriend, Richard Jones Jr., who is the owner and operator of Oddly Arranged Media. We have a recording studio. And being with him, he really encouraged me to start singing and recording. And so I did that. Last year, especially during the pandemic, I just recorded music. It’s Gospel music and I would definitely say it’s R&B, maybe a little pop, and Gospel music. I’m currently working on an album right now. It was really fun.

Photograph by Alexandrea Cordell

Cordell joined the team as a content creator and photographer. Oddly Arranged creates content and offers studio sessions to artists. Cordell’s photography outside of Oddly Arranged focuses on families and exposes the beauty of Madison’s black and brown communities. You can visit their website here.

“I just love being able to capture the love that families have,” Cordell said. “I don’t think families, especially black families and families of color, just take the time to be there in the moment and love each other. So just being there at that time to tell them to have fun, to just be around each other and kiss, and to love each other right now. I’m able to just capture those moments that they can have forever… moments that they can have for a lifetime.

Follow Alex, his music and his photos on Instagram: @alexandreacordellphotography. To learn more about the content and music of Oddly Arranged Media LLC, Click here.

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