Photos and video show first aardvark calf born at San Diego Zoo in over 35 years

A baby aardvark has been born at the San Diego Zoo, the first in nearly four decades.

The cute cub was born to parents Zola and Azaan on May 10 at 4 pounds. She has since rapidly grown to 13 pounds, zoo staff said in a statement.

“We are thrilled to have this little cub in our care,” Cari Inserra, chief wildlife care specialist at the San Diego Zoo, said in a statement. “She is very active and used her sharp claws to dig like an adult aardvark, just hours after birth.”

The zoo said the cub rarely leaves its mother’s side and will stay in an “out of sight habitat” with her for two months to allow them to bond. The mother will then decide to take the baby outside when she is ready.

“Zola is an excellent mother and frequently breastfeeds her calf…We look forward to being able to introduce the calf to our zoo guests, helping them learn more about this remarkable species,” Inserra said.

Aardvarks are nocturnal animals native to sub-Saharan Africa. Their diet consists mainly of insects.

They have “pig-like snouts, long, strong tails, and poor eyesight, but a very keen sense of smell,” according to the zoo.

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