Photos and videos show a terrible tipping ladder on Blackstock Road just off the point

There are piles of trash on either side of Blackstock Road near the blue railings of the bridge – a few hundred yards from the entrance to the recycling center.

And another pile of garbage was left a short distance from the road near a building. A resident said that this pile was not tipping, but that it was rubbish that had been cleaned from nearby woods and left there for almost two weeks.

Locals have repeatedly complained that people throw their waste near the landfill rather than standing in line to get in and properly dispose of their household waste.

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Flytippin on the side of the road near the Blackstock Road tip in Gleadless.

Huge queues have become an all too familiar sight in recent weeks outside the tip, with Sheffield Council even issuing fines to prevent people from parking on the road.

Officers were on duty at the tip of Blackstock Road in Gleadless Valley to impose immediate fines of £ 70 on drivers who refused to continue.

However, for many days long queues continued and residents demanded a better reservation system to ensure people don’t wait long outside Sheffield tips and be able to check out. dispose of their waste responsibly.

Flytipping on Blackstock Road near the tip.

While this was often the cause of the problem, the photographer who took today’s footage of Blackstock Road said there was no queue at that time.

Earlier this month, Sheffield Council reduced long waits to a combination of increased use and the impact of measures put in place to ensure social distancing and protect staff.

Demand at Sheffield’s recycling sites has skyrocketed as people take on more gardening and DIY tasks during coronavirus shutdowns.

Flytipping on Blackstock Road near the tip.

Sheffield City Council has asked residents with high volumes of household or garden waste to consider contacting a registered dumpster rental company or using the council’s yard waste and bulky waste collection services.

CSC has been contacted for further comments.

Flytipping on Blackstock Road near the tip.
Rubbish deposited at Gleadless near the tip of Blackstock Road. A resident believed it was left behind after the nearby woods were cleared of rubbish two weeks ago.

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