Photos and videos show large Chinese library with 1.2 million books and tall shelves ▷

– Tianjin Binhai Library is one of the wonderful places to visit in China as it serves as both an architectural wonder and study

– Built in 2017, its tall shelves with printed images of books were seen by thousands when it was first opened

– For security reasons, books are kept in a section of the library on the fourth floor

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Libraries are not only places of study, they can also be places of peace and quiet. A photo of Tianjin Binhai Library that was established in 2017 again attracted considerable attention when it resurfaced on social media.

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Share the photo on LinkedIn, a man, Talal Al Murad, said that working at night among the millions of wonderful books in the library would be such a wonderful experience.

According to Wikipedia, the library is 33,700 square meters and its floor-to-roof library holds 1.2 million books.

When it first opened, around 10,000 people came to see the beautiful architectural design. It is not just books as there are reading rooms and lounges for callers.

Photos and video show China's large library with 1.2 million books and large book shelves
The library is an architectural wonder in China. Photo source: Fred Dufour, Zhang Peng
Source: Getty Images

The place also has patios for relaxing. Other rooms are dedicated to computers, offices, storage.

It should be noted that the library was designed by a firm called MVRDV. Design Asia, a YouTube channel said the library is nicknamed “the eye” because of its design.

Watch the video showing the interior below:

An unnamed library official said:

“We designed the interior as mountains of books inside a cave or as terraced farmland surrounds the eye. The Chinese have a special feeling for a ‘mountain of books’. “

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Another thing to note is that the floor-to-ceiling bookcase does not contain real books but pictures of book covers. The books are stored in another part of the library.

Design Asia also said that while the shelves could hold books, the tight deadline for opening the library changed that decision.

The safety of visitors climbing the stairs between the shelf has been taken into consideration to avoid any accidents.

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