Released Pitivi 2022.06 Open-Source Video Editor with Object Tracking and Blur

Pitivi, the free and open source video editor for GNU/Linux systems based on the GStreamer multimedia framework and written in Python, was updated today to version 2022.06, a release that introduces several new features.

It’s been over a year since the last release of Pitivi, version 2021.05, which introduced the ability to mark clips in the media library, new keyboard shortcuts to find previous and next markers, as well as dragging a keyframe vertically or horizontally by pressing the Ctrl key.

Now Pitivi 2022.06 is here with more new features including object tracking and blurring, detecting beats and snapping clips to detected beats, new Source blending mode, ability to add border and a shadow to the title clip text, as well as a VU meter for sound playback next to the video preview.

In addition to this, Pitivi version 2022.06 introduces support for maintaining aspect ratio when resizing clips, facilitates fading in and out of a video clip, and allows you to trim video clips to glue them to a different position. Under the hood, this version supports the latest GStreamer 1.20 multimedia frame.

Even though its user interface may look simple, Pitivi packs a lot of features like hundreds of animated effects, transitions and filters, beautiful audio waveforms, background processing, automatic project saves, native integration with your desktop environment, as well as all video. editing features you might need for your next movie.

Pitivi 2022.06 is available for download now as a source tarball which you will need to manually compile and install on your GNU/Linux distribution once you have all the dependencies in place. If that’s not your cup of tea, you’ll have to wait for the Flatpak version of the software to come to Flathub.

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