Sarasota videographer Len Besterman posts viral drone videos on TikTok

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If you’ve seen a guy in a tie-dye t-shirt fly a drone on the beach, you’ve probably spotted Len Besterman, a local videographer who posts great aerial clips of the Sarasota area on social media under the name of user Sarasota Experience.

Since 2020, Besterman has gained over 12,000 subscribers on his TikTok Account and continues to receive thousands of comments on his Facebook and YouTube live streams from strangers who tell him his videos convinced them to visit, and even move, to Sarasota.

“People tell me all the time, even coming up to me when they recognize me on the beach, that they watched my videos regularly before they came or moved here,” Besterman says. “The locals don’t seem to care too much, but for people across the country and even the world, they appreciate the beauty of our city and I love sharing it.”

Besterman’s most popular videos are aerial views of the Anna Maria Island pier (which have generated over 30,000 views), videos of Sharky is on the pier, sunset shots over Venice Beach and wide shots of Sarasota Bay and the Gulf of Mexico near Longboat Key. He finds people love Anna Maria Island the most, calling it the hidden gem of our region.

Besterman creates drone videos and photos.

In addition to nature shots, Besterman captures hotels, sandcastle contests, and even landmarks such as the sea turtle sculptures on Siesta and the Unconditional surrender statue near the bay. He begins the videos by talking about the place and offering advice to potential visitors.

“I love praising local businesses, even though most of them are already booked in high season,” says Besterman. “It just gives tourists and snowbirds an idea of ​​what to do when they get here.”

Besterman’s love for Sarasota began years ago when he moved from Pittsburgh. He found a local community of fellow Pennsylvanians (and avid Steelers fans) that he connected with. Later, he started a radio show, Home improvementto connect with others.

“I loved sharing with the public, but I would get nervous live on public radio,” Besterman says. “So around the time Hurricane Irma hit, I started posting Facebook Live videos about the aftermath and how our city was coping.”

Besterman was amazed at the response he received, and that’s when he started branching out to livestream Venice Beach Sunsets near Sharky and Sunny Days on Siesta. Key. As a certified drone pilot with the Federal Aviation Administration, he was able to film drone footage for his streams and make a living from it.

“Now I love shooting drone footage and video for local businesses and have worked for Nathan Benderson Park and Benderson Development,” says Besterman. “I hope to develop this activity even more.”

Although Besterman no longer does radio, he continues to use his radio voice and outgoing, laid-back personality to grab the attention of subscribers. He is known as “the experience guy from Sarasota”.

“My passion is to show what’s going on here through visuals,” says Besterman. “We are lucky to live here, but for people who don’t live here, they can taste our paradise through these videos.”

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