Save over 30% on this best-selling video editor for a limited time

Recording a screen may seem simple, but it actually takes some effort to create a recording that can be a source of information for someone.

Whether you’re creating a tutorial or showing how to use a software feature, a screen recording makes all the difference in understanding your target audience.

If you need to capture onscreen activity, Camtasia has all the tools you need to create high quality video. It makes creating and editing how-to videos, demos, and how-tos a snap. And for a limited time, you can purchase a lifetime subscription, with one year of maintenance support to get started, for 33% off.

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Camtasia comes with pre-designed video templates that help you create the videos you need with no hassle. It allows you to record your screen, import PowerPoint presentations, or add video footage you already own.

With an intuitive interface, Camtasia is quick to learn. You also don’t need a big budget or previous video editing experience. You can start with a template or just record your screen and add some effects once you’ve uploaded it to the platform.

This limited-time offer not only includes the latest version of Camtasia (2021), but it also comes with a one-year subscription to their maintenance plan ($ 50 value). The maintenance plan guarantees you the next major version (2022), priority support and access to exclusive training. Get the package now for $ 199.

Prices subject to change.

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