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STOCKTON, CA. (CNN) – Authorities in California released video of an incident that left two people dead last month. Stockton Police responded to a domestic violence call and soon after the suspect opened fire, striking a policeman, who later died of his injuries.

We want to warn you – the video is disturbing.

The video is body camera footage from Stockton cop Jimmy Inn from last month. He walks to a door to check on reports of domestic unrest and is greeted with gunshots. The inn breaks down and his partner, Officer Pancho Freer, takes cover, frantically calling for reinforcements.

The suspect, Lance Lowe, comes out of the house and shoots Agent Freer, hitting his patrol car.

Freer feared for his life as his partner lay bloodied on the ground, then saw a new threat: the suspect holding his eight-year-old son by the neck.

The two clashed, Freer warned the suspect saying, “I don’t want to kill you,” while continuing to call for help.

The standoff continues until a good Samaritan neighbor attacks the suspect, putting the boy out of harm’s way as Freer opens fire and kills Lowe.

Officer Jimmy In, a five-year force veteran and father of three, later died of his injuries.

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