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MONROVIA- The Liberia National Police (LNP) continues to be criticized for its failure to arrest suspected perpetrators of the July 26 Independence Day violence, nearly 72 hours after the incident.

On Tuesday, July 26, an anti-government protest organized by the campus-based Student Unification Party (SUP) outside the US Embassy in Monrovia turned violent when a pro-government group, the CDC-Council of Patriots, stormed the Embassy to the ground in a counter-protest.

Violence erupted the day after the CDC-COP action, causing several SUP members to be injured, some of whom are still missing. Reporters at the scene captured live disturbing incidents of pro-government supporters harassing SUP member Christopher Walter Sisulu Sivili. In a video making the rounds on social media, Student Sivili is surrounded by pro-government protesters, beaten and stripped naked as members of the Liberia National stood by and watched. One was filmed laughing as the student was tortured.

SUP officials told FrontPage Africa that Sivili is currently in a hospital, fighting for his life.

On the other hand, the CDC-COP also claimed that some of its members had been injured and were undergoing treatment at unnamed health facilities.

However, amid widespread condemnations and relentless calls for the Justice Department to bring the perpetrators to justice, the LNP has yet to announce that it has made an arrest.

Speaking in a live interview on OK FM, LNP spokesman Moses Carter said it would be difficult for police to launch a full investigation in the absence of an official complaint from either the other of the parties – SUP or CDC-COP.

“In any case, you just need to have a plaintiff. So either side – whether it’s the students or the CDC-COP. We heard injuries were on both sides. On the side of the SUP and that of the CDC-COP. So whatever the case, we urge them to avail themselves; in particular the victims, or one of the parties in question can rely on us. So that we are able to extract statements from it and to be able to identify the perpetrators.

Carter’s statement drew backlash from the public sphere, including the SUP; accusing the LNP of becoming partisan policing.

“It’s sad that today we heard the official police spokesperson spitting gibberish at the public. Despite the evidence available in the videotapes, he (Moses Carter) is still demanding that both forces surrender to the PNL to officially file a complaint. We want to say that the police conspired with these thugs to inflict injuries and losses on the students”, debunked Mohammed Shabazz Jalloh, spokesperson for SUP.

Following Carter’s claims, FrontPage Africa reviewed multiple footage of the incidents and captured key scenes; beginning with the CDC-COP assembly on the Capitol Hill campus of the University of Liberia, followed by its march down Broad Street and the violent altercation with the SUP at the entrance to the US Embassy on Snipper Hill, Benson Street.

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