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If you are planning to use Squarespace for your video-centric website, having a good template suited to your needs will make your life easier. Squarespace has a large number of templates that cater for all kinds of website functions and multiple levels of web design skill. It is important to know a few factors before closing the deal with a template, such as potential limitations and different layout options. We’ve reviewed the best Squarespace templates for videos, but there is no one-size-fits-all solution – it all depends on what you need to achieve. Read on to learn everything you need to know about Squarespace Templates for Videos and how they can help you achieve great results every time.

Squarespace is one of the most popular web creation and hosting services, and for good reason. It’s simple to use, offers easy drag and drop page builders, while providing you with modern template designs. It’s also very affordable and there is 24/7 customer support if you’re in a bind and need a real person to help you out.

Frankly, using Squarespace opens up a world of possibilities. While in the past you might have felt limited in what you could achieve without knowledge of web design and coding, Squarespace is making it available to everyone. If you’re good at video editing and design, but don’t know where to start with websites, you won’t be intimidated here.

What are the limits of Squarespace?

The biggest limitation with videos is that you can’t upload them directly to your site through Squarespace. Instead, you need to upload your videos to another host first and then upload them to your Squarespace site. That’s not really a bad thing, as it means you can upload your content to a specialist provider like YouTube or Vimeo and potentially gain traction and attention there, as well as through your personal website. Squarespace also supports Animoto and Wistia. So there are many options as to where your video content is stored.

The other limitation is that Squarespace doesn’t support 360 degree videos. If this is essential for you, feel free to stop reading here – no Squarespace template will solve this problem. (Still.)

Simply put, there is no better Squarespace template for videos. It all depends on what you want to accomplish. Do you just want a website that promotes a great video project? If so, a one page vertical scrolling site will suit your needs perfectly. However, if you want to showcase your portfolio of shorter videos, you need something a little more flexible like a tiled grid-style layout. If you want to include mixed media or writing alongside your videos, this is another consideration to consider as well. It is important to know what you want to achieve before you start trying out different models.

What features should I look for?

There is no one-size-fits-all solution here, but it’s worth learning a bit more about the potential features you might come across. Along with knowing what layout you need (depending on how many videos you plan to feature), it’s important to know that each video looks and behaves differently depending on the template you’re using. For example, some models allow you to add background videos, meaning they play behind the page content, while others offer video banners at the top of the screen. It’s important to consider what will make your videos shine the most. After all, first impressions count when it comes to encouraging people to stay on your video site.

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