Sunday Centerpiece: An Interview with Cinefunk – GIF Maker, Video Editor, YouTube Nuisance

If you’ve watched a recorded Florida state football game online in the past five years, chances are it came from one of Cinefunk’s many channels.

The well-known Florida state user has over 3,600 Twitter followers and has likely racked up over a million views on his videos posted to YouTube. Almost every game of an FSU football season in the past five years has been uploaded, thanks to his work, although they did not stay online, due to copyright strikes on YouTube. .

In addition to his videos, Cinefunk and his GIFs have become legends on social media. Just on Saturday night, He started again – this time pasting the faces of Mike Martin and LSU head coach Paul Mainieri on UFC fighters.

Safe to say, Cinefunk is known for a lot. Its identity remains anonymous, although its brand is certainly not hidden in the shadows. His cheesy GIFs and video reruns have made him one of the friendliest FSU personalities on the internet.

The writers of The Daily Nole and Cinefunk have had a mutual relationship for some time. When we used to write articles about games and break down the pieces, Cinefunk and his recordings were all we had. Even from a fan perspective, watching his high-quality videos relived some of the most exciting moments of recent years.

Lead writer Clint Eiland exchanged messages with Cinefunk last week to get a glimpse of one of FSU’s most creative fans on social media.

THIS: By revealing as much personal information as you feel comfortable, what is your background?

Cinefunk: Raised in Tallahassee, Florida, and Richmond, Virginia. I was a nerd who played sports. I was the kid who loved to hit others in the field, while stopping by your house later to fix the family computer.

(I) attended FSU, but gave up because I was having more fun with the social aspects, eventually deciding that I needed more debt in my life, so I headed to a school for art.

I graduated, got lucky, and landed an unpaid internship at a production company, which started my career in film. Did 13 years as an assistant first / second camera, loader and later DIT for feature films and television.

As far as the fandom goes, my grandmother wanted me to be a (Georgia) Dawg – almost got there – my mom is a (Florida) Gator, but around eight (years) or so I met my best friend and i saw garnet and light gold.

THIS: When was the name “Cinefunk” born?

Cinefunk: Thus, the name “Cinefunk” unfortunately does not have a fun or exciting origin story. Basically I needed some new junk YouTube to share some FSU games I recorded in 2011 or 12 with friends and colleagues on the set. I didn’t care to use my other spam, which was called Daftfunk, and everything in the movie industry is Cine-Something, so Cinefunk became.

I actually intended to delete this account and create a new one, but got a message from a guy in South East Asia thanking me for allowing him to watch FSU football. I got confused and found out that I forgot to make the video unlisted, and from there on the point, I became a man of the people.

THIS: How long does it usually take you to create a GIF? What’s your favorite GIF you’ve created?

Cinefunk: Making a GIF can be easy or very boring, depending on what you want to accomplish. Something like a one-piece GIF takes 30 seconds, while a clip that requires a lot of effects and attention could easily take an hour or two. My challenge is to always do something right while keeping it wrong. Since it’s in GIF format, we’ve already hit a bad level, now to keep it there.

As for my favorite GIF, it’s difficult. Here are some of the best (picks) out of order: Chaos Robot (Reggie Northrup), OG Jimbo (Fisher) Birthday, Jalen (Ramsey) Space Odyssey, Jameis (Winston) Force Awakens, Publix Submarines. But I think my favorite isn’t really a GIF, but it was my 2016 Seminole Kombat intro.

THIS: Have you ever considered taking a video editing job for FSU? Do you want?

Cinefunk: In the past, I certainly would have taken a job with FSU to do this kind of media, but these days I really like where I am. Of course, if they need freelance work, I’m always available and on the go.

THIS: Have copyright warnings on YouTube ever escalated into something beyond annoyance? Like, has an ACC official ever been upset enough to contact the page or anything? In general, do you think the whole issue is going to prevent you from making downloads in the future?

Cinefunk: YouTube strikes are only part of the process, but they have definitely increased over the years. They are mainly just a nuisance as most of these accounts are junk accounts and I have more in store. Shoot one down and three more will rise! Also, due to the increase in video download sites, you can still find my games, but you either need to check my social media or do a bit of hunting. Funny enough, this whole strike thing can actually be fun how YouTube / people are picking up copyrighted material.

THIS: Speaking of future projects, is there anything FSU fans should expect from you (in terms of FSU related content)?

Cinefunk: As for future plans, I have a few things in the fall comps that I’m working on (new stickers / magnets, hype video, new GIF method). We’ll have more game changes this fall, hosted on Dailymotion anytime as a save, so if you can’t get it anywhere else, go for it. I appreciate everyone sticking with me through all of these account bans, because it’s still fun for me and as long as I’m having fun, Cinefunk will keep doing their thing.

THIS: What’s a fun fact that most people would be shocked to learn about you?

Cinefunk: I can cook more than any southern mother or grandmother. My grandmother’s last act was to transfer her essence of Southern cooking to me, imbuing me with the power to bend lard and space to my will. Oh, and I’ll destroy anyone in a sandwich making contest too; my father was an engineer and I was appointed manager of not one, but two subways when I was 16.

Clint Eiland is the senior editor of The Daily Nole. Follow Clint on Twitter @ClintEiland. Like The Daily Nole on Facebook. To pitch an idea, write an article, or learn more about The Daily Nole, email Mike Ferguson at [email protected]

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