Teen videographer hopes short film will send a positive message during pandemic


Vancouver Island photographer and videographer shines the spotlight on mental health during the pandemic.

Comox resident Will Thompson, 18, recently released a two-minute short that he hopes will inspire others and send a positive message.

“It’s a passion project and it’s me talking about something that I think a lot of people have a hard time dealing with, and so it’s just about raising awareness so that you can talk about your mental health and be able to find out. different ways to cope during a difficult enough time for everyone.

He says sharing the film, which portrays Thompson lying through his passion for photography, was a vulnerable experience.

“It’s a glimpse of a bit of (my) personal life, through how the pandemic is affecting me and how it is affecting many people. It’s only about mental health and being able to find something to get through the tough times like we have today, ”he added.

“It really focuses on feeling lost and defeated, but for me, grabbing a camera and being able to go out and explore has been a lot easier during this difficult time.”

Thompson says the self-funded, self-directed project had been in the works for six months. He noted that the feedback so far has been overwhelmingly positive.

“I posted it yesterday for the first time, and I had 30, 40 people texting me saying, ‘Hey, I couldn’t have seen this video at a better time, this to me. really spoke. “He said on Wednesday.” It was very positive, people took it in a positive light, which is exactly my end goal. “

You can find it on Instagram here, or on the Thompson website here.

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