The 70 Best and Worst Companies For Travel Refunds


Quick tips from MSE to get your money back

The exact process to follow if your reservation is canceled and you want your money back will vary depending on the type of reservation you have (flight, hotel, package holiday, etc.).

Before requesting a cash refund, determine if you NEED IT. Right now, a lot of businesses are in trouble. This means that it is safer to demand a refund rather than settling for a voucher, in case the business collapses before you can use it. But it’s also worth considering whether you are in a position to show tolerance.

That said, if you’re sure you need a cash refund, here are some tips to follow:

1. Talk to the company first and use their reimbursement system. Always start this way. Give it a chance, use its systems.

2. If that fails, warn you that you are going to go further. If you can talk to the business and it doesn’t help, let them know that you will talk to your card company (it costs businesses – it’s cheaper if they do it themselves, so donate -their luck).

3. If the company won’t reimburse you, ask your card provider. Talk to your card provider to ask them to make a chargeback – where he requests the money from the company’s bank. Although some companies may later try to recover this and you will have to go through another dispute process.

If that doesn’t work, your final action would be to take the legal route, perhaps through a county court.

Important! To be eligible for a refund, there are usually times when the company needs to cancel the reservation rather than you do, as if you cancel, unfortunately there is no guarantee that you will get a refund. In addition, you are unlikely to be covered by travel insurance, the providers of which would generally view your cancellation as “reluctance to travel”.

However, some companies are now more flexible and allow customers to change reservations. For full cancellation rights and assistance, see our Coronavirus travel rights to guide.

What are companies saying?

Many companies performed negatively, but we’ve highlighted three big ones in this article. .

A Virgin spokesperson said: “As a direct result of global travel restrictions, we have had to cancel a large number of flights and continue to be inundated with requests, including claims for reimbursement. Our absolute goal remains to help all of our clients to modify, modify or cancel their plans.

“We will reassure all customers that if they have requested a refund for a canceled trip, it will be refunded in full, and the work to process refunds is our priority.”

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