The best combo video maker in the fighting game community shows how he records his crazy footage where he fights himself

Desk is revered as the best fighting game community combo video maker to download video. Not only does it pull off some of the hardest streaks to perform in the business, but often its showcases feature two characters performing some sort of intricate choreographed dance that many would be surprised to learn performed on their own.

Following the last Virtua Fighter 5 Ultimate Showdown Combo Show where every character on the roster was featured, Desk uploaded a quick clip that shows how he pulls off these incredible feats. By playing on two controllers stacked on top of each other, Desk is able to make the fighters fend for themselves.

Brad and Aoi engage in what you think is just a regular fight between two competitors. They trade punches, big combos, and even dodge and counteract each other.

The action is smooth and seamless, and to achieve this desk, you literally have to hold a PlayStation 4 controller right on top of another sitting on the table in front of it.

At times, we see his first fingers holding the controller in his hands as his ring finger and little finger make inputs on the second controller.

While this is certainly impressive in itself, Desk has been known to do similar things in the past. We’ve seen him perform combos and plays using one hand on a combat stick, and even each of his hands on two different combat sticks, but the combo assistant clearly continues to find new, creative ways to do it. save those fighting game shots.

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