The former Todrick Hall videographer just made explosive accusations and… wow/Queerty

Jacob, Todrick Hall

A former Todrick Hall videographer has gone public with allegations of exploitation and emotional abuse by the singer.

A Twitter user identified as “Jacob” and using the handle @bewilderberry took to the platform on Feb. 14 to report on his experience touring with Hall in 2018.

Jacob shared an image of himself after the tour, in which he looked skinny and exhausted. In his post, he also claimed that Hall never provided him with meals, that his paychecks were often late, and that he was forced to upload sets to sites, which a videographer would not. forced to do on a union production.

Throughout his series of posts, Jacob alleges that Hall was playing “mind games” with his team and “would make an example” of anyone who complained by humiliating them in front of the rest of the company. He also alludes to even more “blatant” behavior on Hall’s part, but doesn’t go into detail.

Jacob further claims to have remained silent for four years for fear of reprisal, writing, “I barely told anyone how awful my time with him was because I didn’t want to affect future work.”

This isn’t the first time Hall has come under fire for alleged mistreatment of his employees.

In 2019, several former dancers and crew from his music videos claimed he never paid them for their work. That same year, Hall’s former assistant Tommy McKissock said he saw Hall sexually harassing employees. McKissock also leaked documents alleging Hall engaged in a legal settlement involving sexual harassment.

As of this writing, Hall has not publicly responded to Jacob’s allegations. Weird contacted the singer for comment but did not hear back.

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