The James Bond Prime Video show will leave you shaken but not stirred

A James Bond spin-off show has been announced by Amazon Studios – but 007 fans can rest easy as it won’t be an official entry in the legendary spy’s film franchise.

Through multiple outlets, including Variety and Deadline, 007’s Road to a Million – a James Bond-inspired around-the-world show – has been greenlit for Amazon’s streaming platform. The eight-part competition series is the first James Bond property Amazon will create following its $8.5 billion acquisition of MGM, the studio behind the fictional character’s long-running film franchise. .

007’s Road to a Million will see competitors go head-to-head on a globe-trotting adventure – we don’t expect many Bond cars to be featured, though – to clinch a prize of £1million (1.3 million bucks). The Prime Video show would be filmed at a number of iconic locations from the James Bond film series, with various challenges to test the resolve, wits and stamina of potential contestants.

According to Deadline, potential contestants will need to team up with another person to participate. At this stage, however, it is unclear whether the £1m prize pool will be split between the two-person winning team, or whether each contestant will each receive the seven-figure sum. At the end of the challenges, each duo will have to answer questions hidden in certain places in order to move on to the next stage of the competition. Production is set to begin later this year, although there’s no word on which famous Bond locations will be used.

Additionally, Variety reports that the show has been in active development since 2018. Sources familiar with the project have suggested that the TV show was formulated long before Amazon acquired MGM, which will be independent of any other upcoming productions. by James Bond Prime Video.

Longtime Bond producers Barbara Broccoli and Michael G. Wilson will help co-develop the series alongside MGM Television. No release date has yet been revealed, but those wishing to apply for 007’s Road to a Million can do so by fill in this form.

Analysis: for a monetary thrill?

Daniel Craig as James Bond standing next to his Aston Martin in Skyfall

We don’t think James Bond would be too happy to see his name used for this Prime Video deal… (Image credit: Sony Pictures/MGM Studios)

While James Bond fans can rest easy knowing he won’t be making the leap to the small screen just yet, 007’s Road to a Million presents some intriguing questions.

For starters, is this the direction Amazon Studios is looking to take the iconic spy franchise? Sure, it’s a TV series that will definitely provide some form of entertainment for Prime Video viewers, but we don’t know if it’s the type of content that will entice potential subscribers to sign up for the streaming service.

Okay, a spin-off like this means the James Bond character will continue to appear on the big screen – for now, at least – but why use his name and digital alias as the backdrop for the show? Wouldn’t something like this work just as well without the ties to the Bond franchise? There are similar “around the world” racing-style shows already on Prime Video, including World’s Toughest Race and Race Across the World. They’ve done just fine without a property like James Bond behind them, so what’s the need for a game show like this?

James Bond fans were already hesitant about the prospect of spin-off movies and TV shows. In our opinion, however, we suspect many of them – us included – would rather see projects set in the character’s fictional universe, rather than a spin-off like 007’s Road to a Million.

Still, Bond fans have plenty to look forward to outside of 007’s Road to a Million. The search for a new actor is underway to step into Bond’s shoes after Daniel Craig ended his 15-year stint. years with No Time to Die in 2021. If you’re interested, also check out our definitive ranking of Craig’s Bond movies. Otherwise, read who we consider the best Bond of all time.

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