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The magical and free online video maker that works on any device. Promo is the new wave of online video makers. It is no longer necessary to wonder if your computer is powerful enough to handle video editing software. The promotion is designed with the average consumer as the focal point.

This online video maker is incredibly user-friendly. You can store all your projects online, so you don’t have to worry about having enough hard drive space or crashing your computer. You can also enjoy the free video making options until you get familiar with the software.

Promo Editor works on any device you own. From Windows computers to Macbooks, Promo works flawlessly. You can be on an iPad or Android tablet and still tackle all of your video editing projects. Even on your cell phone, you can complete a project in five minutes.

Below, I’ll dig deeper into some of Promo’s unique features. With the free trial of Video Maker, you can test the program without obligation.

Video Templates

Promo offers hundreds of video templates. With these templates, you will have a solid foundation for your project. All template elements are customizable and you can upload your own if you can’t find what you’re looking for in the Promo library.

There are many models to choose from from different categories. Plus, there are personal categories, like Valentine’s Day and Birthday templates, and you have templates designed for business, like real estate and restaurant templates.

If you are looking for a specific model, you can enter a keyword in the search bar or start a project from scratch. More importantly, there are also filters to narrow down your selection, like Popular, Latest, and Best Match Filter. Another filter is the full, square and vertical aspect ratio filter.

Popular model categories

Here are the most popular model categories:

Music Templates

You don’t need to spend more time creating videos to promote your music to all musicians. You can use your time to do what you do best, which is to create some funky tunes. Likewise, you can create ads to put on all of your social media pages to let your fans know you’re active.

With a Promo music template, you don’t have to worry about starting from scratch. All you have to do is customize and fill in the blanks. Try the Video Maker free trial and you can get tutorials from the Promo Knowledge Base page.

Small business models

Every small business needs video ads, and different ads need to be delivered consistently. Promo makes it easy for businesses with a small workforce. Moreover, in a Promo Short Business Template, you can change the background music, the background image, and edit the video.

Holiday Templates

With Promo, you no longer need to search for greeting cards. You can send birthday videos to your family members. For example, you can create Christmas videos for your loved ones. You can also send vacation videos to your business contacts and associates. It’s a dynamic way to show people that you appreciate them.

The promotions calendar

The Promo calendar has a theme for each day of the year. Each day is linked to a model that best compliments that day. The Promo Calendar is also customizable, so you won’t be stuck with a cookie-cutter event planner.

In other words, Promo Calendar can sync with any social media calendar, so your videos will come out at specific and desired times. Additionally, Promo Calendar can sync with any other calendar you own, like your Apple Calendar, Google Calendar, or Outlook Calendar.

The Promo calendar does not replace your current calendar. Instead, it improves the functionality of the tools you already own.

The Promo Blog

This is because the Promo blog is constantly adding articles to build your video, thus creating knowledge. Even on days you don’t create videos and you can crawl the blog for some exciting content. Not only are there articles on making videos, but there are also articles on how to improve your business and your online presence as a whole.

There is an interesting article on Marketing Trends to Watch in 2021. Another interesting article is about ways to use videos to convert online sales. Next, a video they have that could be useful for any small business discusses the best ways to build brand loyalty.

The articles are easy to read and Promo has been following video promotion trends since 2016. Even if you are not subscribed to Promo software, you can enjoy their blog and gain a lot of knowledge.


Online video makers are the future. Video editing is something that should be done wherever there is an internet connection. Why deal with complicated video editing software when you only want to do simple tasks?

Promo doesn’t claim to be able to edit the next Marvel blockbuster hit. It is especially suitable for creating promotional videos for social media, YouTube ads, and any video project you want to create in five minutes with a little learning curve.

Why take a chance? All you have to do is try the Video Maker free trial, and you can send vacation videos to your friends and family.

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