The video editor that takes your recordings to another level: Polarr 24fps is a great app with filters and editing

Do you want to give a different touch to the videos you upload on social networks like TikTok, Instagram and others? With Polarr 24FPS, you have a simple and powerful way to apply filters, crops and enhancements to your gallery recordings. The application includes dozens of proposals created by Polarr users: a few clicks are enough to apply them to any video.

There are countless video editors) in the Google Play Store, choosing one can be difficult. There’s no reason to even download one of these apps: the networks themselves like TikTok or Instagram allow you to give content a personal touch before publishing it. Even so, there are still external options with which to give a personal touch to any video. And Polarr, a well-known photo editor, recently released its video variant.

The experience gained with the photos now in video

Polarr has been waging war on Android since 2015: its photo editor was a safe bet when it came to modifying any image before uploading it to social networks. So jumping into motion was the logical step for the company: there’s Polarr 24FPS.

The app is a collection of filters and settings customized by specialists and users that allow you to give a twist to the aesthetics of any recording. To do this, all you have to do is choose a theme from the homepage of the app, you have to upload a video from the reel, Polarr 24FPS lets you manually edit the result for it give a unique touch and, once saved back to your mobile, you just have to publish it on social networks like TikTok or Instagram so that others can enjoy the result. It can also be shared directly, there is no reason to make the content public.

Polarr 24FPS makes it easy to customize on the “a click“With various manual options to trim the clip, adjust white balance, grain, the app allows applying effects and many more options. It’s not the most comprehensive video editor, but neither does he pretend to be. He seeks to renew his options frequently: all filters change as they are created by the community itself.

polarr 24fps

Polarr 24FPS is a free application that requires a user account to operate. This free option offers a large number of filters, although themes can be unlocked prime with a monthly (4.29 euros) or annual (20.99 euros) subscription. There is no need to pay to use the app effectively.

Polarr 24FPS

Polarr 24FPS

  • Developer: Polarr
  • Download it at: google play
  • Price: Free
  • Category: video apps

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