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Why is my Instagram account shadowbanned?

The four “official” reasons why your Instagram account may have been banned from the shadows:

1. Your account is continuously flagged.

2. You are using software that violates Instagram’s terms of service, such as buying fake followers or automatically posting websites (Amortize it’s good). You can use this connect to see how to remove third party posters from your account.

3. You exceed your daily / hourly commitment limits. Depending on the age of your account, you receive 150 likes, 60 comments, and 60 follows or unsubscribes per hour.

4. You are using a broken or abused hashtag. Even innocent hashtags like #besties can do this and have become overrun with ‘offensive’ material. Instagram will ban or limit broken hashtags. So if you use it you will be banned from the shadows. here is a listing of all the banned hashtags you should avoid in 2021.

You can also check if you have actually been banned from the app by following these 3 simple steps.

What does shadowbanned mean?

The shadow banalso called stealth ban, phantom ban or comment phantomis the act of blocking or partially blocking a user or their content from an online community. Anyone who is banned from the shadows will not be, and most users will only notice it after a while. Signifiers include a noticeable drop in likes on new posts, or someone else notifying that they are unable to tag or search the shadowbanned account.

Shadowbanning has been recorded on various internet platforms since the 1980s, but it only started appearing on Instagram in 2017. Instagram explained that the ban is intentionally coded and is aimed at to stop bots, spammers, as well as to protect young users from exposure to “sensitive” material. With around 1 billion users, it’s impossible for Instagram to monitor all of its content manually, so specific topics have been categorized as triggers.

Due to regular changes Instagram makes to its algorithm, these triggers are difficult to monitor. That’s why, in the same way that banks can block your bank account as soon as they see fraudulent behavior, Instagram shadowbans an account as soon as it believes it contains triggering content. However, as many people have witnessed over the past few months, the ban can sometimes block certain accounts that don’t appear to be breaking any terms. The question is, what does Instagram actually qualify as “trigger content” and what can be done to avoid being banned from the shadows?

When Instagram began its trial to remove likes last year (mostly in the US at the start), the social media platform also called for a surge in “authenticity,” and yet there seemed to be an increasing number of account deletions and censorship at that time. time. What I myself had noticed on my Instagram feed was then confirmed by journalist Chanté Joseph in an article for The Guardian, which highlighted how the platform was, and still is, the shadow ban creative accounts, and more specifically the gay-leaning ones.

The London Party and DJ Collective Pxssy Palace was one of the many accounts impacted by the 2019 shadowban. Screen Shot told them, “There’s no denying that the algorithm targets specific groups, as we can all see for ourselves. Not being able to search the accounts of people under the ban, not seeing people’s posts for months, and the list just keeps growing. The point is, the racist posts were left on the feeds because they “don’t violate any of the community guidelines” and it’s insane as we have deleted people accounts on the left, right and center for having called these individuals racist and homophobic. “

Speaking of exactly how long this is going on, the collective added: “It has been going on for quite some time now, it is the BPOCs that have been heavily targeted for also speaking out time and time again. The algorithm will never favor us and Instagram denies time and time again that it is not being banned from the shadows is more than frustrating now. It’s also frustrating how much we rely on this platform to connect with our community and let them know about events, so we start to foster community offline and through other methods like mailing lists. and WhatsApp groups.

As Pxssy Palace pointed out, this shadowban is especially painful for queer accounts, which actually rely on the social media platform to promote and sell tickets to events. As trivial as it may sound, the ban largely affects the LGBTQ community. “We shouldn’t have relied on Instagram as the only method [for promotion], however, it was a very good tool. The internet could go down tomorrow and we would have no idea what is going to happen – this is a red flag to make sure that we promote offline communities, so that we are protected. At the moment, Instagram is directly affecting ticket sales, and therefore the life of QTIPOC who regularly works with us, ”shared Nadine ahmad with Screenshot.

Instagram’s shadowban is supposed to last 14 days, although many users claim they’ve been shadow banned for weeks, and sometimes even months.

10 tips to stop being banned from the shadows

So, if you think you too have been banned from the shadows, here are 10 tips to get rid of that nasty shadowban:

1. Detox

Apparently, some people say that a two-day silence helps lift the ban. After that, feel free to continue engaging, chatting, and using the platform as usual.

2. More hashtag

Remove hashtags from your recent posts, as some of them may be blocked or banned. Additionally, place your hashtags in the caption of your posts, not in the comments section, and Ddon’t go overboard with hashtags. Never get close to the maximum number of hashtags (30) and never repeat hashtags.

3. Keep it similar

Do not make sudden changes to your user information, bio, and email address during this time. Avoid any mass review, mass comment, follow up, or unsubscribe.

4. Report

Reach out to Instagram and tell the business that your posts aren’t showing up in hashtag searches, but don’t tell them you’ve been banned from the shadows.

5. Photos and videos

Currently, the algorithm favors videos and images over text, especially for sponsored posts.

6. Put it on

Create a backup account, also called a “sock”.

7. Men only

Try changing your profile to Male as @dyelindsey reports.

8. No third party

Check on Instagram which third-party apps you have allowed and remove as many as possible.

9. C * nsor your tongue

Use censored language, such as “s * x” and acronyms.

10. No spam

Avoid engaging in spam-like behavior, such as mass liking, leaving short and duplicate comments, or regularly using keywords that might be flagged as questionable.

In the meantime, hope the tips above help you prepare for the next ghost ban. If you think your account is still censored for some reason, here’s my last tip that I originally found on the app itself. When posting new content to Instagram, make sure you and your followers first save the post before liking and sharing it. The more, the better, apparently. Good luck!

Am I shadowbanned on Instagram? Here’s how to say and what to do

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