Train to become a videographer for only $ 35

Whether you want to boost your brand or make films, The 2021 Full Video Production Super Bundle has everything a beginner needs to be successful.

You don’t even have to go out and buy new equipment. The Webcam Videography Course, taught by Phil Ebiner, highlights how much you can achieve with nothing more than a webcam. Ebiner has shot and edited thousands of videos that have been seen everywhere from TV and movie screens to YouTube and movie festivals, so he knows all the best tricks.

Meanwhile, business owners and marketers alike will enjoy creating valuable video content that sells, while e-commerce entrepreneurs may find the Master Class in Digital Products very useful. The Wedding Videography course teaches users how to be successful in bridal photography and videography. And everyone can benefit from The Complete Video Production Bootcamp, which shares professional techniques for filming and editing, as well as how to build audiences most effectively.

Aspiring filmmakers will love the Screenwriting Master Class, which explains how to turn your ideas into an impressive screenplay by mastering the entire screenwriting process. Continue with Cinematography Master Class: Start Shooting Better Videos Now to learn all about the video production techniques used by Hollywood filmmakers.

No matter what kind of shoot you do, aerial photography is always a hit, and now it’s available to anyone who can get their hands on a drone. Drones: Learning the Basics of Aerial Photography and Videography explains exactly how to capture the most breathtaking aerial images and videos with a quadcopter, as well as safety precautions when using a device and editing techniques for images. Finally, if you own a Sony mirrorless shooter, be sure to check out Sony Cameras for Beginners, which teaches how to use the equipment with confidence and improve your skills with it.

This bundle contains everything you need to stand out in video production. PCMag readers can get The 2021 Full Video Production Super Bundle for $ 34.99 – 98% off the MSRP of $ 2,000.

Prices subject to change.

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