Up-and-coming photographer and videographer, Bailey Wood is adept at capturing the special moments for individuals and businesses

Bailey Wood is knowledgeable and professional in his work and hence is known as one of the upcoming up-and-coming photographers and videographers.

16-year-old resident of Gold Coast, Australia, Bailey Wood is an aspiring videographer/photographer, eager to capture beautiful moments and let his clients cherish them forever. Apart from being a versatile and highly competent person, Bailey Wood also possesses a creative ability, combined with high technical abilities which ensure his success and growth in the future. The photographer has worked for private clients as well as large corporations, and his relentless nature and tireless efforts have helped him earn a handsome amount of money for capturing some big brand moments. Because of her commitment to growth, Bailey Wood has not been limited to working only in Australia; however, he extends the reach of his photography and videography to other parts of the world to broaden his business and horizons.

As a videographer and photographer, Bailey Wood is responsible for being at the forefront of image capture techniques while working on various projects, bidding for jobs and drafting contracts which may include budgets, materials and specifications. deadlines for filming. He has learned basic and advanced editing techniques and is familiar with major editing applications including Photoshop and Adobe Premiere. Additionally, Bailey Wood combines high-end camera lenses with sound and lighting equipment for optimal results to help people remember and look back on special moments with awe.

“Hey, I’m Bailey Wood from Gold Coast, Australia! I’m 16; I’m an aspiring videographer/photographer. I’ve worked with many private and corporate clients. I make thousands of dollars doing these sick videos for all these people and big brands the best part about it is i don’t just do it in australia i do it all over the world i assure you that you will get the best quality video edits or photos I’m very keen to connect with a lot more people and big brands,” said Bailey Wood.

In addition to being skilled in videography and photography, Bailey Wood can interact, communicate and present ideas while possessing knowledge of safe work practices, particularly lightning and manual handling. His animation and illustration skills coupled with his responsible client management make him and his work admired and credible. Moreover, Bailey Wood makes sure to post her work on the website after copyrighting it to win potential new clients. During filming, Bailey Wood typically frames shots to maximize focus on the subject or action while designing the composition of the image, including angle and lighting.

Apart from being a commendable filmmaker, Bailey Wood is passionate about sports and also works with famous adrenaline-filled brands. To achieve his future goals, he plans to connect with brands to get top brand deals, travel the world and meet amazing like-minded people, and continue to grow until the sky be the limit.

For more details, visit his Instagram profile, https://www.instagram.com/baileywoodlll/?hl=en.

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