Viral videographer Tik Tok gives back to the community

“These little kids are dedicated,” Schlee said.

He is a freelance videographer and marketer, taking orders for his work. He loves videography and uses it to give back to the community.

“I think you should stay fun. Don’t lose sight of what made you love when you first started,” he said.

Schlee reached out to the public and asked which companies deserved free promotion. He offered to shoot videos for them for free. Many people have mentioned the beloved Japanese steakhouse Jenpachi.

“Everyone loves Jenpachi from what I know,” Schlee said.

New restaurateurs opened Jenpachi in December 2020 after the pandemic forced former owners to close.

“We took over. We just didn’t want to see a Rochester restaurant like this die. We’ve been coming here for 17 years for all of our special occasions,” said co-owner Amy Zoller.

Recovering from the pandemic is a long process. The Zollers are grateful to their community of Rochester for helping them through this. They were only able to open Jenpachi at half capacity at first.

“Which was tough, but Rochester made it great,” Zoller said.

They are grateful to Evan for spreading the word.

“We’re trying something new, but we want to get our name out there because there are still people who I think don’t know we’re open yet,” she said.

His videos are geared towards social media like Facebook, Twitter and Tik Tok. They got thousands of views online. Evan says he plans to continue finding businesses that could use a free promotion. He wants to keep making videos and stay connected to the community.

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